Tempo Studio vs Tonal Smart Home Gym: Strength Training Anytime

Tempo (left) versus Tonal (right) Head-to-head match-up begins now!

Imagine waking up everyday knowing you can get a killer strength training workout any time you want. And, depending on your weight lifting preference, you can choose between two of the leading smart home gym machines available on the market today: Tonal or Tempo Studio.

Both websites (Tempo.fit) and (tonal.com) stress the importance of working out from home and using super high-tech computer systems as an interface. It’s almost like both Tempo and Tonal took the Peloton app idea and programmed it into their own, but more of a weight training / lifting approach.

Now, I’m not saying either of these smart home gyms are like Peloton. All I’m saying is that if you purchase Tonal or Tempo Studio, you’re going to absolutely love your new all-in-one smart tech home gym — all because you can now do strength training at home, any time, with world class weight lifting instructors.

But, this begs the question…

Which smart home gym should you choose? Tempo or Tonal Home Gym?

If you’re reading this article, most likely you already know about Tempo Home Gym and Tonal Home Gym. After getting bombarded with facebook ADS all day long, they both have caught your attention, along with other smart home gyms. However, just like me, you’ve narrowed it down to these two.

Throughout this article, I’m going to show you the main differences between Tempo versus Tonal based on the following criteria that I feel was the most important before you purchase either one.

  1. What’s Better? Tempo or Tonal? A Matter of Preference
  2. Workout Classes Experience
  3. Pricing Breakdown and Differences
  4. Size, Specs, Space You Need
  5. Form Correction And A.I. Technology
  6. Which Smart Home Gym Fits Your Workout Style? Tonal Home Gym or Tempo Studio?

Now, I’m not going to reveal which one I bought until the end because I don’t want to “poison the pool.” My true belief is that both systems are excellent and you can get super strong with either. I also believe that it’s all a matter of preference once you know the main differences. Let’s begin!

What’s Better For You? Tonal Vs. Tempo Studio — A matter of preference

Tempo Studio is better if you like real Olympic weight sets while strength training and AI technology that corrects your form in real time. Mix that in with live and on-demand strength, HIIT and cardio classes PLUS a sleek design that can fit in nearly any of your home’s rooms, and you, my friend, have just found your new smart gym — TEMPO STUDIO!

👉 Visit Tempo’s Official Website here 💪

Tonal Home Gym is better than Tempo.fit if you like resistance training, thanks to their cable pull system that is all digital weight training. You set the weight and go to town. You also would love Tonal if you don’t want to worry about “real” weight sets laying around the house. On-demand classes and form correction is also at your fingertips with tonal’s home gym.

👉 Visit Tonal’s Official Website here 💪

Smart home gym equipment has made a gigantic splash recently thanks to COVID-19 and modern technology. When the coronavirus spread like a wildfire, local gyms took a costly hit. Some gyms (like the one I used to go to) were forced to close for good. This left many of us with a decision to make: wait until you find a gym you love vs start investing in home gym equipment, or get a smart home gym like Tempo Studio or Tonal.

Workout & Strength Training Experience

Let’s start off by sharing that both Tonal and Tempo have excellent strength training experiences. But, there are some differences that you should know about before you make a purchase (and we’ll talk about pricing very soon).

Resistance Training (Tonal) VS. Free Weights Training (Tempo)

As I just gave it away in the title, Tonal uses a resistance training with digital weight system for strength training, while Tempo uses Olympic free weights which are included in your purchase.

Why Choose Resistance Training and Digital Weight System?

Digital weight system with Tonal Home Gym

Let’s jot some key points down as to why you may LOVE resistance training with Tonal’s digital weight system.

Digital weight systems allow you to choose the weight you want with the touch of the screen. You won’t have to deal with free weights going on and off the bar, racking them, or hearing the sound of the barbell and plates hitting the floor (think power cleans or deadlifts).

Why Choose Tempo’s Olympic Weight Training System?

Strength training class with Tempo Studio (RDLs)

One of the main things Tempo harps on is how they have a “real” weight training system. They go on to say they have real weights, real strength instructors and a real gym experience.

As an athlete myself, I LOVE the sound of free weights hitting the floor. I also love adding 45 lbs. plates to my squat and bench. There’s no greater feeling than putting up some heavy weight in one of your sets and pushing through plateaus.

The only thing Tempo is missing right now is a bench. Although, I have heard that they’re adding that very soon, and maybe by the time you are reading this, they already have it. Worst case scenario, go to facebook marketplace and find a bench that someone is selling and use that. I found one for like $30 is a LEGIT bench from an old fitness center that closed down because of COVID-19. Bottom line is, if you’re a heavy lifter, get a good bench, not a piece of junk.

Pricing Breakdown and Differences

Ok, let’s talk pricing because these are both expensive, but so is going to the gym everyday considering cost on gas, time and memberships. Good news is, Tempo or Tonal are set up in your home.

Tempo’s Pricing

Tempo comes in at $1995 USD. There are coupon codes out there (search YouTube for that DON’T go to coupon sites — you may click on something that could give you a virus). Anyways, I’ve seen up to $100 bucks off. The other option is to do financing, which is available to qualified buyers for as low as $55 per month (for 36 months) with zero money down and NO interest. When you look at it that way, it may be more eye catching to you. Lastly, there’s a membership option to choose from, which costs $39 per month. This provides you all the on-demand and live classes from instructors. You’re going to want to get this because it’s the experience. Shipping costs another $250, so be aware of that, but the great thing about that is they offer “white glove” delivery, set up and installation. On top of all of that, Tempo offers a 30-day Hassle-Free Trial and a 3-year limited warranty.

💲 See More Pricing Details on Tempo Here 💰

Tonal’s Pricing

Tonal, on the other hand is a little more pricier, coming in at $2995 USD. Now, if you want the smart accessories add-ons, you’ll need to pay another $495 on top of that. Pricey, I know, but the good news with Tonal is that the membership is included with those costs. Shipping is also included with that cost. Tonal’s financing can be as low as $149 with zero money down and no interest, depending on the buyer. Tonal offers a 90 day risk free trial, professional installation and a 3-year limited warranty.

💲 See More Pricing Details from Tonal Here 💰

Included Fitness Equipment

What Equipment is Included With Tonal?

Tonal comes with a digital weight system, like I said before and you can lift up to 200 pounds of digital weights. If you purchase the smart accessories, it comes with:
-Smart Handles, Smart Bar, Rope, Bench, Roller, Workout Mat

What Equipment is Included With Tempo?

As mentioned above, Tempo’s system includes real olympic weights. Here’s everything that’s included:
-4x 10 LB Plates, 4x 5 LB Plates, 4x 2.5 LB Plates, 4x 1.25 LB Plates, 1x 25 LB Barbell, 6x Collars / Clamps, 2x 7.5 LB Dumbbells, 1x Heart Rate Monitor, 1x Workout Mat, 1x Roller

Size, Specs, Space You Need

Tempo’s Specs and Space you Need

First and foremost, Tempo’s home gym stands up on 4 legs and has a storage unit on the front and back. Here are the specs:

Height: 6'

Width: 2.2"

Depth: 1'4"

Weight: 100 LBS

Display: 42" HD Touchscreen

Frame: High tensile aluminum (high quality)

Audio: 60w stereo speakers and bluetooth technology

Internet: Ethernet port and Wifi connectivity options

Tempo suggests you have 8' height x 8' depth to be able to workout efficiently with their smart home gym studio.

Learn more on Tempo’s specs here

Tonal’s Specs and Space You Need

Tonal, on the other hand is wall mounted, not standing on 4 legs. Here’s the specs:

Height: 50.9"

Width: 21.5"

Weight: 100 lbs per arm

Display: 24"

Power: Line voltage: 120 frequency: 60hz Amps: 12 AMP

Audio: 15w stereo speakers and bluetooth technology

Tonal recommends 7 feet of wall space (it’s mounted) and 7' of floor space during workouts.

See even more of Tonal’s specs here

Form Correction And A.I. Technology

The future is looking bright for all of us, thanks to technology advances from software engineer experts. Both Tonal and Tempo have form correction and A.I. technology to help you get as strong as you can, as fast as you can. With this technology, both Tempo Studio and Tonal Home Gym know exactly how strong you are, how much weight to add, decrease, or anything along those lines because of this specific technology. This doesn’t mean they have the same form correction and AI, but they both have it, and that’s all you really need to know at this point. Remember I said I’m not giving away what I bought just yet? Yea, I’m sticking to that right now because you should get what you like.

Tempo Reviews: What Are People Saying About This AI Tech Gym?

Tempo is RED HOT FIRE right now. Buyers and users are madly in love with their new smart gym, as positive reviews pour in from the masses. Nearly every user review is focused on how this smart home gym helps them get stronger, faster and more in-shape. Athletes have seen improvement in their sports and beginners are starting to learn how to lift correctly, thanks to Tempo’s state-of-the-art form correction.

🙂 See all testimonials on Tempo’s website here 🙂

Tonal Reviews: What are People Saying About This Smart Home Gym?

People that have bought and used Tonal absolutely love it, leaving raving reviews and thanking their team over and over again as it provides people with a way to workout from home with everything they need. Steph Curry used it during quarantine and thanked the staff at tonal for having what he needs to get prepared for his basketball season.

🙂 Check out Tonal’s testimonials on their website here 🙂

Which Smart Home Gym Fits Your Workout Style? Tonal Home Gym or Tempo Studio?

By now you should have more than enough information to decide which smart home gym fits your workout style. If you’re getting one of these smart gyms, most likely you love strength training, or you want to start. Both machines offer that and more. You won’t be disappointed in which one you choose.

Well that’s going to be it for this article, I hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you later.

Just kidding, I’ll reveal what I purchased and why I did so. After all, I live to serve! 🙂

What I Purchased and WHY

So, I purchased the Tempo Studio with extra weights. My first thought was to get the financing, but after looking over all the numbers and having the money up-front, my decision was easy purchasing the full amount at once. I love free weights more than digital weight systems because I want that “real” feeling of weight lifting. I also purchased the membership, and it’s awesome. Come back because I plan to do more of these and maybe even make a video on one of my workouts with Tempo. I’ll also provide the links to each website below:





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