Tempo (left) versus Tonal (right) Head-to-head match-up begins now!

Imagine waking up everyday knowing you can get a killer strength training workout any time you want. And, depending on your weight lifting preference, you can choose between two of the leading smart home gym machines available on the market today: Tonal or Tempo Studio.

Both websites (Tempo.fit) and (tonal.com) stress the importance of working out from home and using super high-tech computer systems as an interface. It’s almost like both Tempo and Tonal took the Peloton app idea and programmed it into their own, but more of a weight training / lifting approach.

Now, I’m not saying either of…

Ricky Schneider: Home Gym vs Gym Equipment

My name is Ricky and I love working out. Ever since COVID-19 hit, I started working out from home and haven't looked back. Now, I'm documenting everything!

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